Why Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?


woman in lace wedding gownActually, the purchase of the engagement ring is about the person who is to wear it and who is promised eternal love with the ring. Therefore it is of utmost importance to keep the woman and the woman’s hand in mind when purchasing the diamond. For a woman with a delicate stature and a correspondingly small hand, a diamond with 1.3 carat can already seem too big, while for a large woman with strong hands, a diamond of size 1.3 is just right. The differences in the average size of diamonds by country can, therefore, be explained not least by the different average sizes of women.

As already mentioned in another context, the color of the ring also plays an important role. And this happens in several ways. Besides the pleasant effect that for a rose gold ring a low-quality diamond is sufficient and the money saved can be invested in the carat instead, there are other things to consider. Because depending on the skin color of the future fiancée, rings and average diamond sizes have different effects. Especially for dark-skinned or heavily tanned women, golden rings can look very beautiful if they are set with a bright, colorless diamond, whereas diamonds of a lower color category are more difficult to combine.

On the other hand, for women with a very light skin type, rose gold rings look very beautiful when set with a diamond of a lower color category such as J, K or L. The difference between a J or L ring with an average carat of 1.0 will not be noticed by any woman or viewer. The combination of light skin type and rose gold ring with a 1.0-carat diamond will attract the full attention of the viewer.

The difficulty of the decision and good news

With all the different variables and parameters to consider when purchasing a diamond, and the limited financial resources available to most buyers, it is easy to lose your head. However, research gives us reason to hope that we can get through this difficult time without going crazy. Studies that examined couples who had diamonds within the average carat range on the ring asked couples about their satisfaction with the ring. The men and women were questioned separately so that the presence of the man did not influence the woman’s statement and vice versa. The results are astonishing. Over 90% of the couples said that they were very satisfied with their ring and gave an average satisfaction score of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. This number has of course a bias because the couples who are no longer together could not be interviewed, but it can be strongly assumed that the ring was not the decisive argument for the separation. The study is good news for all those who are struggling to choose the right engagement ring. As long as one sticks to the average diamond size for the engagement ring (note that this varies according to region and social class), there is a high probability, no matter how strenuous the search, that both the fiancée and the engaged will be happy with the engagement ring afterward. And in the end, that is what counts.


In summary, several things can be said. Firstly, it is not true that even today, size does not matter, as there is a clear trend in carat size. This trend differs from region to region but fluctuates around 1.0. As already explained, this is related to, among other things, the best price-performance ratio. Especially buyers with less money should pay attention to the tricks that can be used to make lighter diamonds look big, such as the appropriate arrangement with other diamonds. The best news, however, is that almost all couples are happy with the engagement ring afterward. This should give courage in times of choice!