Average Diamond Size for an Engagement Ring

diamond ring and braceletSize doesn’t matter. Everyone knows that this sentence is not true, especially when it comes to purchasing a diamond. Pictures of stars with huge diamond rings go around the world and leave you wondering. When you are faced with the decision to purchase an engagement ring, you are inevitably confronted with the question of how big and how heavy the diamond should be. The following article will explain the cultural differences in the average size of diamonds and how to get the right size of the diamond.

Stars and their engagement rings

Pop magazines are full of impressive photos of engagement rings, which go far beyond the average carat number of an engagement ring. Well-known examples are the engagement ring that Paris Hilton received from Chris Zylka for no less than 2.5 million USD with an incredible 22 carats. Just as unbelievably beautiful and impressive is the 16-carat diamond ring that Russell Wilson gave to his girlfriend and now fiancée Ciara. There is a special story about Mariah Carey’s engagement ring that James Acker gave her. It is over a 35-carat diamond engagement ring and Mariah Carey still wears it regularly even after the separation. No wonder with such a ring! Victoria Beckham was spoiled in her 20 years of marriage. She received 17 various engagement rings, none of which is under 15 carats. Also, Kim Kardashian cannot be missing in the list of celebrity stars with impressive diamond rings. Although her marriage with Kris Humphries was only for about 70 days, she still received an engagement ring from him, which had a diamond with an impressive 16 carat mounted on it. This cost over 2.5 million and is probably still in Kim Kardashian’s possession. Of course, such rings are very special. There is no need to worry about such extreme gifts because the average size of a diamond is far from these numbers. But what exactly is the carat and what does it say?

How is the size and the weight of a diamond measured?

The big 4 C’s of the Diamond Business should not be a foreign word to anyone who deals with diamonds. The 4 C’s stand for cut, clarity, color, and carat, and among other things, give the value of the diamond. Even if the 4 C’s are related to each other and you should never consider only one of the 4 C’s when making a purchase decision, the size of the diamond plays a very important role. Hardly anyone remains untouched by a large shining diamond on a ring. The size of the diamond is given in carat and defines the weight. One carat corresponds to 0.2 grams and is divided into 100 points. Although carat does not directly indicate the size of the diamond, as this is also the result of other factors such as the cut, the carat number is a reliable indicator of the size of the ring.

International differences in average diamond size

Not surprisingly, there are cultural and regional differences in the average diamond size for an engagement ring. Regional differences are mainly due to income and the appreciation of status symbols. For example, rural areas have a different average then and urban areas, often with a difference in average diamond size of more than 0.2 or 0.3 carats. In western modern cities like New York, London or Paris, the average size of diamonds is again larger than in small towns, as described on yourdiamondteacher. Although residents of Western countries purchase larger diamonds than residents of Eastern countries for cultural and financial reasons, there has been a significant increase in the average size of diamonds in countries like China or India in recent years. Which diamond size is the average for an engagement ring is therefore ultimately dependent on many factors and is subject to constant change. Cultural differences are related to how capitalistic a country is. Nations such as the USA, which are traditionally strongly capitalist, have an average diamond size of 1.0 carat, a much higher average than less capitalist countries such as Malaysia, which have an average of 0.4 carats.

What is the average size of the diamond?

As mentioned above, the average size of diamonds depends on regional and cultural conditions. However, it can be seen that for most states the average is between 0.6 and 1.5. And there is also a logical explanation for this. The diamond business is known to be a very expensive business because diamonds are a natural resource and therefore very rare. But of course, not all diamonds are the same. It is true that the bigger the diamond, the higher its price, but that is only half the truth. Because the price of a diamond does not increase linearly with its size, but exponentially. The exponential increase also explains the average size of diamonds for engagement rings, as diamonds between 0.5 and 1.5 carat are the best value for money for most buyers. Although the increase is already exponential, care should be taken to avoid round carat numbers. Since there is a certain status associated with 1 carat or 2 carats and buyers are willing to pay a lot of money for this status, a 1-carat diamond costs disproportionately more than a 0.9-carat diamond. The average size of diamonds reflects that in the USA, where most buyers opt for 1 carat when purchasing an engagement ring, which you can also read on this website. So if you want to save money, you should be careful to avoid 1-carat diamonds, as they are a trap.

Diamond Tips

Tips to make a smaller diamond look big

woman holding a bouquet of red rosesThe visible area of the diamond in the top view can be cut in different ways. If the diameter of the diamond in the top view is large, the diamond appears much larger, even if it has a smaller carat. So if you want a large looking diamond, make sure that the diameter is large in plan view and that the diamond is cut flat.

Likewise, a diamond that goes deep is relatively expensive without appearing much larger, since a large part of the diamond remains hidden when looking from above. So if you want a big looking diamond, make sure it is not too deep.

The setting of the diamond has a great influence on how large the diamond appears too. If you decide against a solitaire engagement ring and surround the central diamond, for example in a halo setting with several small diamonds, the central diamond can appear 0.3 to 0.5 carats larger by the arrangement of the other diamonds.

Not only carat is important

A study that surveyed over 20,000 thousand couples in Europe about their engagement rings found interesting facts about the average carat and other details of the rings. The average carat, similar to the numbers mentioned above, was between 1.0 and 1.5, so the numbers are the same and a diamond with 1.1 or 1.2 carats should be suitable for the average engagement ring. Other interesting details is the following. Most rings are made of gold, closely followed by rose gold rings. Especially rose gold rings have become more and more popular in the last few years and are very popular. If a golden engagement ring is too classic for you, you should choose rose gold rings. However, the golden ring is still the most common color with over 50%. The popularity of the rose gold ring is easy to explain. On the one hand, such a ring combines the classic with the modern, but without appearing tasteless. Because even rose gold rings can look very elegant and stylish. And on the other hand it saves the buyer a lot of money. This is due to the fact that the diamonds quickly absorb the surrounding colors due to their ability to reflect. So a diamond on a silver ring must have a high color quality to look beautiful. Anything above the color category H would not be recommended here, otherwise, the yellow tinge will catch the eye. The situation is different with a rose gold ring. Here you can choose a diamond of the color J or K without any optical disadvantages and save a large amount of money.

Why Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?


woman in lace wedding gownActually, the purchase of the engagement ring is about the person who is to wear it and who is promised eternal love with the ring. Therefore it is of utmost importance to keep the woman and the woman’s hand in mind when purchasing the diamond. For a woman with a delicate stature and a correspondingly small hand, a diamond with 1.3 carat can already seem too big, while for a large woman with strong hands, a diamond of size 1.3 is just right. The differences in the average size of diamonds by country can, therefore, be explained not least by the different average sizes of women.

As already mentioned in another context, the color of the ring also plays an important role. And this happens in several ways. Besides the pleasant effect that for a rose gold ring a low-quality diamond is sufficient and the money saved can be invested in the carat instead, there are other things to consider. Because depending on the skin color of the future fiancée, rings and average diamond sizes have different effects. Especially for dark-skinned or heavily tanned women, golden rings can look very beautiful if they are set with a bright, colorless diamond, whereas diamonds of a lower color category are more difficult to combine.

On the other hand, for women with a very light skin type, rose gold rings look very beautiful when set with a diamond of a lower color category such as J, K or L. The difference between a J or L ring with an average carat of 1.0 will not be noticed by any woman or viewer. The combination of light skin type and rose gold ring with a 1.0-carat diamond will attract the full attention of the viewer.

The difficulty of the decision and good news

With all the different variables and parameters to consider when purchasing a diamond, and the limited financial resources available to most buyers, it is easy to lose your head. However, research gives us reason to hope that we can get through this difficult time without going crazy. Studies that examined couples who had diamonds within the average carat range on the ring asked couples about their satisfaction with the ring. The men and women were questioned separately so that the presence of the man did not influence the woman’s statement and vice versa. The results are astonishing. Over 90% of the couples said that they were very satisfied with their ring and gave an average satisfaction score of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. This number has of course a bias because the couples who are no longer together could not be interviewed, but it can be strongly assumed that the ring was not the decisive argument for the separation. The study is good news for all those who are struggling to choose the right engagement ring. As long as one sticks to the average diamond size for the engagement ring (note that this varies according to region and social class), there is a high probability, no matter how strenuous the search, that both the fiancée and the engaged will be happy with the engagement ring afterward. And in the end, that is what counts.


In summary, several things can be said. Firstly, it is not true that even today, size does not matter, as there is a clear trend in carat size. This trend differs from region to region but fluctuates around 1.0. As already explained, this is related to, among other things, the best price-performance ratio. Especially buyers with less money should pay attention to the tricks that can be used to make lighter diamonds look big, such as the appropriate arrangement with other diamonds. The best news, however, is that almost all couples are happy with the engagement ring afterward. This should give courage in times of choice!